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Admire New Orleans

Kayak Swamp & Plantation Tours in New Orleans

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New Orleans Tours

Welcome to beautiful New Orleans! The best way to get to know the Crescent City is to get out and explore with a local eco-tour guide by your side. The variety of tours we offer give you the unique opportunity to see the cultural and historical beauty of Nola as well as support the amazing locals who are passionate about it.

New Orleans Booze Cruise

Come with us and discover the hidden gems of the Big Easy Party via pedal or paddle.  Is your bachelor or bachelorette party looking for an adventure?  Try the new party boat or party bike!  The New Orleans booze cruise is a fun way to spend time on the water that is an eco-activity, a workout(if you want it to be) and a party.

New Orleans Eco-Tours

We first started this eco-tour business after looking at all of the tourist activities offered in New Orleans and recognizing that most of them were not ecologically focused.  We read a lot of reviews of other tour operators and noticed that there were plenty of people complaining about swamp tours having too large of groups, the illegal feeding of wildlife with hotdogs and marshmallows, and the overall quality of tours in general. So we set out to create smaller, high-quality tours that focus on the preservation and conservation of Louisiana’s wetlands, wildlife, and culture.


What People Are Saying About Admire New Orleans Tours

Admire New Orleans Swamp Tour

"This was a highlight of our three week holiday in New Orleans. Kayaking was a peaceful and beautiful interlude from the race of the cities. Our guide Josh was extremely knowledgeable and had great eyes for spotting critters. He made the tour excellent."

– Eileen G. on TripAdvisor
paddle boats
Will be a Highlight of your NOLA Trip!

"Kayaking through the swamp is an experience you can't capture anywhere else. Don't focus on your paddling and just take a moment to soak in the delicate natural beauty and sounds around you. It's one of those "see it to believe it" experiences. Our tour guide Maggie was awesome. Great vibes, super knowledgeable, and you can tell she's passionate about the environment. There's lots to love in NOLA, but this will definitely be on your list to remember."

– France C. on TripAdvisor
Kayaking Couple
A Great Day

"We visit New Orleans often and decided to do something different this trip and this kayak tour did not disappoint. Our guide was great. He was knowledgeable, passionate and truly enjoyed being with the group. I highly recommend this tour!"

– Gregory Z. on TripAdvisor
Kayakers in a swamp
Fun for Nature Lovers

"I had a great time on the tour. Our guide was very knowledgeable about wildlife and the history of New Orleans. We saw owls, gators, snakes and all types of birds. He stopped us at certain points to tell us stories or about the nature around us. All in all, it was a wonderful, fun, and educational experience."

– Nicole L. on TripAdvisor

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