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Extended Manchac Kayak Swamp Tour

Quick Details

  • Transportation Pickup Time: 1 hr and 15 minutes prior to tour time.
  • Transportation Pickup Location:
    Rampart Treehouse/10 pizza – 740 N Rampart St New Orleans, LA 70116

Paddle through Shell Bank Bayou

Embark on an extended kayaking adventure that begins with a paddle through Shell Bank Bayou, the same tour as our Maurepas excursion, but then takes you out to the mouth of Lake Maurepas before returning. This comprehensive journey offers a deeper exploration of the captivating Louisiana swamplands.

Duration: 4 hours on the water, with a total experience of 6 hours, including transportation.

Equipment Provided: Binoculars, dip net, optical critter viewer.

Departure: 8:00 AM pick-up from Rampart Treehouse, 740 N Rampart St, New Orleans, LA 70116.

If you’re an experienced kayaker seeking a more exclusive and immersive experience away from the usual tourist crowds and varying levels of expertise, our 4-hour excursion is tailored for you. This adventure is designed for true adventurers, offering the opportunity to venture further and witness the hidden gems of the swamp.

Spend a total of 4 hours on the water, guided by a knowledgeable local naturalist, as you explore the expansive cypress forests and bayous that comprise the second-largest bald cypress swamp in the nation.

On the return journey, your guide will provide each kayak with binoculars for bird watching, as the area surrounding the edge of Lake Maurepas is renowned for its abundant barred owl populations and other magnificent birds of prey. You’ll also receive small dip nets to capture and identify the unique aquatic creatures that inhabit this remarkable environment. This is an immersive swamp adventure that is both educational and rewarding, tailored for outdoor enthusiasts in search of an authentic, non-touristy swamp experience.