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Cinematic Charm: Movies Filmed in the Enchanting New Orleans

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New Orleans, with its mystical aura and haunting tales, has long captivated both residents and visitors. Beyond its cultural richness, the city has played a starring role in numerous horror movies and popular TV shows, weaving its atmospheric streets and historic locales into the fabric of cinematic history. Join us as we explore the eerie allure of New Orleans through the lens of notable films and TV productions.

American Horror Story: Unveiling the Haunting Beauty of New Orleans

For fans of the spine-chilling anthology series, American Horror Story, New Orleans is not just a city but a character in its own right. The Buckner Mansion, a grand structure in the Garden District, served as Miss Robicheaux’s Witch Academy in the show’s third season. Built in 1856 by cotton tycoon Henry S. Buckner, the mansion’s cast iron fence, three ballrooms, and 48 columns make it an iconic filming location. As a fun fact, the mansion was constructed in an attempt to outshine Stanton Hall in Natchez, Mississippi, a testament to the historical richness embedded in its walls.

Venture further into the dark history with locations like the Lalaurie Mansion, infamous for Madame Delphine Lalaurie’s atrocities, and the Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses. Each of these sites, with their chilling tales, adds a layer of authenticity to the horror portrayed on the screen. If you’re a die-hard fan of American Horror Story, these eerie locations in New Orleans are a must-visit to immerse yourself in the show’s unsettling ambiance.

The Originals: New Orleans as a Haven for Vampires

In the world of supernatural drama, The Originals found its eerie home in New Orleans, a city with a rich history steeped in voodoo and supernatural lore. Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, a picturesque burial ground, became a backdrop for crucial scenes in the show, enhancing the city’s mystical allure. In the first episode of the first season, the cemetery sets the stage for a pivotal encounter between characters Elijah and Klaus, adding a touch of the supernatural to this historic location.

For fans seeking a tangible connection to The Originals, the Napoleon House stands as a beloved destination. Renowned for its unique atmosphere and eclectic clientele over the centuries, the bar gained additional notoriety as a filming location for the series. As a fictional setting for Rousseau’s, the Napoleon House lets fans step into the world of their favorite characters. Whether you’re a devoted follower of The Originals or simply looking to soak in the charm of New Orleans, a visit to the Napoleon House promises an experience that transcends both fiction and reality.

Immersing in Cinematic History: Exploring New Orleans Film Locations

As you traverse the enchanting streets of New Orleans, consider delving into the cinematic history that weaves through its alleys and historic landmarks. Whether you’re drawn to the eerie beauty of American Horror Story’s Buckner Mansion or enticed by the supernatural charm of The Originals’ Lafayette Cemetery and Napoleon House, each filming location adds a layer of mystique to the city’s already rich tapestry.

New Orleans, with its spooky allure, continues to be a muse for filmmakers, inviting both movie enthusiasts and casual visitors to immerse themselves in the cinematic magic of this bewitching city.