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Extended Honey Island Swamp Kayak Tour

Extended kayak trip and swimming!

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Extended Kayaking Tour in Honey Island

This tour is expertly designed for adventurous souls who yearn to fully immerse themselves in the vibrant, swampy landscapes of Southeastern Louisiana. The entire experience spans approximately 4 hours, ensuring an indelible journey of exploration. The kayaking segment offers a gentle and leisurely pace, effortlessly following the natural currents of the Porters and Pearl River. Along the way, our tour will make delightful pauses at captivating sandbars, perfect for a rejuvenating swim, and provide exciting opportunities for heart-pounding rope swings. The Honey Island area is celebrated for its majestic, densely forested cypress groves and unspoiled sandy shores. This adventure is particularly enchanting during the warm spring and summer months of Louisiana. Remember to pack your swimsuit for an unforgettable aquatic escapade!