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Acro Yoga on a Kayak


by Kelley Kirkpatrick

Inversions aboard! Swamp tours by Kelley are now inclusive of balance tricks! I have come to enjoy balancing in crow pose at the nose of the kayak. It is an exciting and entertaining pose, as I hang over the front of the vessel and can look into the water, with a possibility of going in head first! Next I will work on side crow, although I haven’t figured out the best place within the kayak for that pose.

Head stands are relatively accessible as the handles on the sides of the kayak make for excellent stabilization and I am very comfortable in a headstand in the kayak. It feels great to change positions mid-tour and getting inverted feels even better than standing breaks. I can manipulate my legs into several positions while inverted, including forms of stag, pike, straddle, and scorpion! These tricks I perform after my final talking point and act as an unexpected finale to my tours. I love it. One tour I even L-based a friend in a partner acrobatic yoga position called bird. Exciting stuff, more to come!  If your New Orleans bachelorette party likes to do acro-yoga, then make sure to ask for me!