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5 Reasons why Winter is the Best for kayaking in New Orleans swamps

island swamp tour kayak

1. You Won’t Overheat – It’s no joke that Southeastern Louisiana is hot. So hot, there are dozens of songs about the Louisiana heat. And for only a couple precious months, the heat hides away and it’s cool enough to paddle indefinitely. Not quite indefinitely as we try to keep our tours to two hours, except for the 1/2 day kayak tour, but you will not pray for a water break in the way you would in August.

2. No Weeds! – Except sometimes. That being said, the dastardly water hyacinth tends to die back a little for the winter and allows for clear paddling. The water is also clearer, leaving you less in need of a shower by the end of tour. You probably should though before your New Orleans bachelorette party heads out for the night!

3. Bald Eagles – Louisiana has hundreds of Bald Eagles thanks to conservation and environmental efforts, and they spend their winter in and around our swamp. If you’re lucky, you can see one (or two) flying overhead, and if you’re extra lucky you can see one swoop down and catch a fish.

4. It’s Still Warmer Than Wherever You’re From – Although we use the word “winter”, the season is relative in its meaning. Winter for us defines the time around Christmas and before Mardi Gras, when the Saints win the Superbowl and gumbo reaches peak popularity; it doesn’t imply snow. While it gets chillier, you can still do many activities (including kayaking!) without getting frostbite.

5. The Post-Kayak Roast Beef Debris Po-Boy Tastes Extra Good – The roast beef debris po-boy its a hidden gem in its own right, same as kayaking in the winter. Its the perfect combination of hearty, saucy roast beef and light french bread, served dressed and ideally with a beer. The only thing that could complement such a sandwich is a brisk paddle in Louisiana’s finest swamp, so quit reading and get out there!

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