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Best Fried Chicken Joints in NOLA!

The Best Fried Chicken Joints in New Orleans   Willie Mae’s Scotch House  I’ve had nearly religious experiences here! Without question, this is the best fried chicken in the universe! I would love to learn about anywhere that might challenge it. The modest prices and amazing food in a living room setting can’t be beat! If you haven’t been you better fix that!   Dooky Chase This is the joint MLK Jr. preferred over all the others. Most folks say that the civil rights movement was born in the Treme at these tables over Leah Chase’s delicious food! You can taste the righteousness I’ll tell you that much!   Gus’s  This spot is nuts! Originating in Memphis, TN, they just opened a new shop in the CBD of NOLA which is for sure the number 3 joint for…